Beat Generation

Topics: Beat Generation, Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: April 24, 2013
The Beat Generation and Beat Writers

Dating back to the late 1950’s and 1960’s Kerouac one of the main sources of the Beat Generation played an crucial role in it discovery, later known as “Beat Writers” or one could go on to say The San Francisco Renaissance since this where people like Helen Adams , one of the early beat poets of San Francisco Renaissance. She was considered the matriarch and Godmother of the San Francisco Renaissance. She welcomed the New York beats in and was in the front row at “the Six Gallery”, when Ginsberg did his famous reading of Howl. It was Kerouac however "The Origins of the Beat Generation", that this very movement was fathered and originated along with various men who pioneered the movement. The “founders” of the Beat Generation met at Columbia University in the early 1940s. Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg formed the core of this initial group, and they would remain bulwarks of the Beat sensibility for years to come. What can one say about all of this? In my response I think it clearly shows that this “age” or “Renaissance” movement was paramount in much of our ideals and thinking today. The list of things covers everything from Jazz, to poetry, materialism to capitalism. So much was covered and spoke out against Social inequality; students in universities were beginning to question the rampant materialism of their society. The Beat Generation was the product of this questioning and saw runaway capitalism as destructive to the human spirit and antithetical to social equality. There is so much more that I feel was not addressed however in the Beats movement like civil rights movement, and women rights movement. These things are not discussed or seen, only women speaking out against the treatment received by men during this time. All in all, any kind of “revolt” or another way of thinking out loud is seen as a Renaissance. The mere audacity to go against anything that breaks the “norm” of society or does not...
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