Bear Baiting -the Terrible Truth

Topics: Suffering, Bear, Bears Pages: 3 (843 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Bear Baiting:
The Terrible Truth

Have you ever heard a child scream in pain?
Young bears are said to sound just like a screaming child as they are ripped apart by dogs. Such is the beastly sport of bear baiting.

With few bears left in the world due to the additional problems of habitat loss and game hunting, why are we chaining defenceless bears to a post and making dogs attack them? It is illegal, damaging to the eco system, and cruel to the animals involved. Is it supposed to be entertaining? This type of sport can only be testament to the sadistic nature of some humans. It is unjust, disgusting, and cruel. This horrible blood ‘sport’ must be abolished.

Dating back to medieval times, bear baiting is a sport that is, thankfully, banned in many countries already. However, it is still being practised in some places. Young bears are taken from their mothers at an early age by baiters, and their teeth and claws are ripped out, with no anaesthetic or disinfectants. As a result of this poorly executed procedure, most of these young bears will suffer infection, yet will receive no medical attention. Then the nose (or in some cases the tongue) is pierced and a metal ring pushed through it. Again, there are no anaesthetics of any kind, but the young bears will have to learn to cope with such pain if they are to survive life in the baiting ring. Once this is done, the bears are ready for the arena. They will be chained to a post in the middle of a small area called a bear garden. A small pack of 2-4 trained attack dogs is then released into the area, and they will attack the bear’s face and throat. The fights generally last for around 2-3 minutes, and the dogs are said to win when the bear collapses or is dragged to the ground. The bears have no way of protecting themselves from the onslaught of attacking dogs. Cheering crowds watch as the bear attempts to defend itself. Sometimes, the bear covers its face with its paws to try and stop its attackers from...
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