Bean Trees Essay

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The Bean Trees Essay

My Rebirth
By: Deaths Maiden
Where there were once tears of sorrow,
They are no more,
Body and soul, I seek potency within.

Shrouded in darkness, I now find the light,
I must be vigilant as there is always darkness that lingers. I take a walk down the corridors of time,
Over look what has been, what is now, and what will come to pass,

I must not be afraid,
Where there is fear,
Comfort will come,
Patience is the key.

My body is broken,
Heart bleeds from pain,
My eyes see no more deceit to this world.
I cower no more

I close my eyes,
Release all sorrows inside,
I worry not for I know my heart shall heal in time.
I have self-confidence.

There is a light within,
Seek it beyond my darkness,
If found, I must walk to it,
For there lies a door beyond.

If I believe once more,
The door will open,
I wish to find redemption.
Forgiveness and help will come to me if only I ask.

Behind the door lies a pool,
If I trust than will I bathe in its waters.
I leave behind all misfortunes,
I shall be reborn.
Breathe again,
All is forgiven,
I appreciate this second chance.
Time is what I have.

Have faith,
I know I am loved,
I am free,
This is me,
This is the story of my rebirth.

Life’s Journey
Vijay Sherigar wrote in his poem Journey that, “From where I started to where I am today. The journey has been long & tiring from nothing to something I am today. It’s not been an easy journey.” The journey and its paths that we travel are in both the poem My Rebirth and the book The Bean Tree and all three poem, book and journey lead to the rebirth of something bigger, better, brighter and most importantly new. A thematic similarity of renewal through pain, love, time and life’s journey, is found in both the poem My Rebirth and in the story The Bean Trees. Though fears can hold one back, patience, accompanied with a little love can help to overcome those worries, even those from the worst past imaginable, and can also lead to the road of finding oneself. The poem begins and later closes in stating that, “Where there were once tears of sorrow, they are no more. Body and soul, I seek potency within….I must not be afraid, where there is fear, comfort will come, patience is the key….Have faith, I know I am loved, I am free, this is me, this is the story of my rebirth. “Just as in the poem elegiacally puts, it takes time to heal, to overcome fears, to dry the tears of pain away and go on with life. Turtle takes her time to, for lack of a better phrase, come out of her shell, no pun intended. She was abused in many different ways, resulting in her fear, and seemingly lack of emotion or “personality”, as Lee Ann so kindly puts it. Slowly, as she is showed love, gentleness and patience, and given time, she begins to develop a character. She holds on literally to anything stable she can find, or grip that is, and metaphorically holds steadfast to her fears and meekness. At first, she found it necessary to retract and almost be robotic or nonexistent, but as she is exposed to something in all sense of the word, though not blood linked, a loving, nurturing, family, slowly she lets go of her fear and begins to talk, play, learn, and even remember her past, and she is able to do so because of her knowledge that she is loved, free of her former horrors. Taylor finally decides to take Turtle, on account of her abusive history, to the physician. In this visit, the doctor concludes that Turtle ceased growing as an outcome from her previous “environment of physical or emotional deprivation”. The condition is known as “failure to thrive” and though it is appalling that such a past was forced on such a small and innocent little girl the silver lining of the situation is the condition is reversible (p. 166). Turtle did just as the condition describes and failed to bloom, almost to the point of failing to exist, making herself near to invisible. But as time and love worked its magic, Turtle,...
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