Bean Trees

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David Arturi

Period 8 English II H

October 25, 2010

Necessary Bonds

Make no mistake; the world today is not an easy place to grow up in. Hatred, poverty, and violence affect everyone. However, these are not the only problems. Every day we are all faced with adversity, ranging from simple tasks, a math test, to seemingly impossible ones, such as moving on from the loss of a good friend or family member. We are challenged to be strong and overcome this diversity. Sometimes we feel hopeless, unable to believe in ourselves, and we come close to quitting. It is then that we need a friend, someone that can be there for us in our times of need to support and keep pushing us to maximize our potential. In The Bean Trees, Taylor is faced with multiple adversities, and struggles to overcome them when she finds herself alone. Through her novel, Kingsolver illustrates with character development and dialogues how Taylor must form solid bonds with others in order to combat the hopeless, cruel nature of the world.

While growing up in Kentucky, Taylor was faced with many conflicts that caused her to question her core beliefs, who she was, and who she truly aspired to be. All around her was failure, whether it was the overwhelming rate of female dropouts in her high school due to teen pregnancies, or the broken relationships that seemed to flood the town. This type of environment has the ability to break a person down mentally, and to most girls, it did. Taylor had to be courageous in order for her to battle the odds. On a certain occasion, Taylor was faced with a life-changing, unexpected, circumstance. She was working at a hospital, a job that her hero of a science teacher provided her with, when it happened. Two bodies were rolled into the room that she was serving in, one hot and one cold. They were the bodies of Newt and Jolene Hardbine, a well-known family in her town. Newt had been shot dead, and Jolene was almost killed as well. As you can imagine, Taylor...
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