Beam Robotics

Topics: Robot, Neuron, BEAM robotics Pages: 9 (3135 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Beam Robotics and Nervous Networks

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Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Tirupathi.
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Abstract - The field of Robotics has been a fascination since the advent of computational technologies. To induce life into the robos, complex and powerful electronic components are required. Hence advance knowledge and great funds are required to build even small robots. These create hurdles to the beginners in this field. These hurdles can be overcome by adopting a new philosophy called Beam Robotics formulated by Mark. W. Tilden. Here minimal electronics are used and using solar power, miniature creatures are created first from which new prototypes can be evolved. Unlike conventional robos, which use costly microprocessor controlled architecture, these have interconnection of elementary circuits called Nervous Networks. Here a reconfigurable central network oscillator is utilized for autonomous and independent operation of components. Further it favors development of legged robos. The nervous technology provides (1) pulse delay circuits (neurons), interconnected in closed loops, which generate square waves and (2) pulse neutralization circuits. The central sequencing network and limb circuits control the direction of the motor thereby the motion of their legs. The advantage is that the use of microprocessors and costly components is eliminated and the processes are localized and self-sustaining. Thus beginners and students can implement the innovative ideas without having high knowledge, skill and fund. We are very happy to place this paper before the academic fraternity. Now it will be our pleasure to receive the reader’s feedback. We feel such a feedback is vital to improving the knowledge of an efficient engineer, thereby achieving its purpose.


From time immemorial humans are in search of something that has qualities and behaviors like themselves. They tried to train animals to attain the level of perfection they were having. They went to look beyond the stars to know whether there are any civilizations that can dominate this universe better than they do. Finally when computers started to evolve, they made their mind to build some mechanical creatures stimulated using clever electronics - The Robots.

Today the field of Robotics is a fascination for the men of science and a factor of enjoyment for the children. The field has attracted thousands of scientists who just can’t wait to put what they have in them to build some extraordinarily intelligent creatures that can senses similar to them. The final zeal of any robo scientist- to create robots’ those have ability to think and act accordingly by themselves (that is survive by themselves). To achieve this they use mechanical components that are stimulated by powerful electronic circuits and bundle of computer chips that store the programs, the complete intelligent systems that control anything and everything in the robo. They invented algorithms that form concepts and response rules, entirely on which these robots depend for interpretation of external events and the choice of actions are based on the response rules, sometimes called ‘productions’. At times, just like we imagine the outcome of our action, they determine the situation that might arise from their action, which results in best probable action. The other blocks in the path for these people are:

a. A deep knowledge of the subject is required.
b. Many times even simple circuits require costly and rarely available components. c. Success can be achieved only after a great research, that is, even simple robos can be built by only after some failures. d. As programming is a must for every action of these robots, it is extremely a complex process that only a team of hi-intellect and brilliant...
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