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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Customer detail
According to the film, a huge amount of beads are consumed by people who attend the Mardi Gras. The customer who buys beads has a large age span, ranging in age from children to adult. Most of them are old enough for drink. Moreover, both male and female are customers who demand beads. In addition, all the customers showed up in the film are Americans, including both black and white people. Their education backgrounds are not mentioned in the film. Customer’s role in economic process

Customers are the exact people who purchase these beads. When customer buy beads, the amount of money customer paid makes profit for salesman. Then salesman stocks beads from distributor in the United States when they made money. Finally, the US distributors purchase beads from factories in China. Thus, to some extent, the salary of workers in China comes from the money paid by customers in United States, even though the salary is much more less. Consumer is quite important in the entire process. Besides, the reason why workers in China have to work for so many hours is due to the huge demand of beads in United States, while most beads were thrown away after Mardi Gras. Production process

Based on the film, most of the customers have no idea where the beads come from. For example, in the film a drunken guy said that the beads should come from beads factory when he was asked where the beads made in. Other interviewees also do not realize the production site and process of bead. One reason is that consumers do not care about where and how the beads are made. They never think about it when they purchase beads. Some consumers think that 10 cents profit per string of beads is enough for the workers after they know the production process. Importance

It is definitely important for customers to understand the production process and circumstances of workers, because customer can force the factory to improve the working condition for workers by refusing to purchase the...