Beach Walk-Descriptive Essay

Topics: Seashell, Beach, Oxygen Pages: 1 (418 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Walking on Sugar
“Travis, This is so romantic,” I subtlety joked as we stepped off the porch of our beach house. My mom told me stories of how my dad proposed to her on the beach many years ago, “It was just Beautiful” , she use to say, but beautiful was an understatement. It was breath taking really just to be in this elegant atmosphere, a dream like scene I never wanted to end.

The sand looked clean like sugar spread out for miles, As it squished between our toes and made our claves ache with every step. I found it some what amusing to see the sand castles that still remained, The lucky few that made it through rambunctious little boys play. It was dark outside and stars floated in the distance, But the moon seemed so close we could grab it and take it in our pocket to keep for ourselves. Ghost crabs darted past our feet like thieves in the night, going in one hole and out another. The beach house had long vanished in the night, but neither of us even noticed. We could hear music lurking in the air coming from the boardwalk bands we had seen previously tonight. Waves crashed quietly against the shore causing slight pieces of sea shell to dwell on the damp surface of the beach. Travis and I both ran from the waves like two children playing tag on a kindergarten recess field. That game lasted a good thirty minutes, and after he splashed me with the salty sea water I decided it was time to stop. The warm air was moist and humid causing my hair to frizz like a poodle, but Travis told me I looked amazing as always. I found that hard to believe because I knew my hair swelled with every minute we were gone. We had been away for hours taking in every element of the beach, collecting sea shells and counting the stars as if we had no care in the world. It was getting late and I knew my parents would get worried if we didn’t turn around soon.

The walk back was just as bewitching as the walk to. We back tracked our foot prints in the sand so we did not get...
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