Beach Towel Market Size

Topics: Florida, United States, Marketing Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: January 31, 2008
The market size for beach towels in the state of Florida is particularly high. The state of Florida, the state in which the Beach Sheet headquarters will be located, attracts a very high number of visitors per year. Data for the 2006 calendar year shows that over 83 million people visited the state this particular year. Also for 2006, these 83 million people left an economic impact of over $65 billion in tourism spending. Statistics also show that the main activities these tourists perform while they visit Florida is shopping, going to beaches, and visiting amusement/theme parks. The Beach Sheet is an essential product for Florida tourists because they are spending their money by shopping, as well as visiting the beaches. If marketed right, the Beach Sheet has very high potential of sales for the state. In the local levels, the city of Orlando has over $26 billion in visitor spending. Although specific data could not be found for beach tourism on the national level, there are thousands more beaches throughout the United States and the world. One particularly interesting fact is that the beach is the American population's favorite vacation spots. This means that although there is a steady number of a visitor to beaches nationwide, the number is constantly growing each year. We believe that although the market for beach towels may be saturated, the Beach Sheet offers a new product that has not been seen before on the market. This towel has the ability to gain a market share on its competitors. With cold winters and hot summers, the Beach Sheet is an essential tool for beachgoers anywhere. Its ability to solve many of the annoyances you get when visiting a beach (like getting sand on your towel) is solved through the beach sheet. This product has the ability to maybe become a trend in the beach towel market and be oriented to have a high market share. This product will be a new trend in beach towel innovation and will be introduced into the market as a new product...
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