Be the Grill Master

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Be The Grill Master

Many people like to cook outside, weather it be hotdogs and hamburgers, or steaks and ribs. But when it comes to grilling people are pretty divided. On one side there are those who prefer grilling with gas, and on the other side there are those who prefer charcoal. One grilling method offers a speedy set-up and convenient and easy clean up, where as the other involves playing with fire, and becoming the grill master. It really comes down to personal preference and there is an argument for both sides. I personally prefer a cast- iron four burner gas grill, with a metal grating between the burners and cooking grate that allows me to add lava rocks or ceramic briquettes. A couple reasons I like gas grills so much is it's simplicity and temperature control. Gas grills are easy to use, from the automatic start and shut off, to the minimal clean up and low maintenance. Also, gas grills heat up to cooking temperature extremely fast, (around 5 minuets for my grill), with a consistently even adjustable heat range from 200° - 550°F. I can decide I want cheeseburgers tonight and at 6:00pm go outside turn on the grill, go back inside and get my burger patties and cheese ready along with a plate. By the time I get back outside my grill is hot enough to cook on. I can throw on my patties wait a couple minutes and then flip them. Throw on the cheese and wait for it to melt. Once done I can throw them on a plate, shut off the grill and bam! Dinners ready. Some people think charcoal grills are better because they are cheaper to buy. You can usually purchase a cheap charcoal grill as low as $20, but a decent ceramic kettle grill is anywhere between $80 to $300. They are built to last, and if maintained properly, and kept protected from the elements (weather etc.), they could last a lifetime. There are a couple different types of charcoal grills which include iron, tin, and ceramic coated kettles. The Weber grill seems to be the most popular and on the more...
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