Be Careful, Misunderstanding by Different Cultures

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Be Careful, Misunderstanding by Different Cultures

Have you ever visited another country and made many misunderstandings that you did not realize? Every country has its particular culture, and people can identify those cultures by different races, genders and nationalities. In addition, different races of people have their particular cultural backgrounds, and every different culture has its interesting parts. People benefit from learning other cultures; by doing that, they can improve their nations. However, when you go to visit in other countries, the culture’s difference can cause many misunderstandings between people. If you do not have the concept of different behavior from different culture or follow the culture when you are traveling, the local people would think you are impolite and you might get involved in a dangerous circumstance. I have been in the United States for three years. Sometimes I might have many misunderstands with others because I had not known that the behavior I was doing is impolite. However, I have gradually adapted to the culture, and I have observed that people act very difference comparing to my country. Therefore, if visitors who want to visit my hometown, Hong Kong; something you need to comprehend that can avoid the misunderstanding, and those are the ways of people’s conversations, the traffic regulations and their independences.

First of all, Americans’ dialogue can be very dissimilar in different countries. People have different educations that cause them to have their own particular ideology. For instance, in America, when we meet new friends, some Americans tend to think you attempt to acquire something from them because you might use an inappropriate way to ask that make them feel embarrassed or aversive. Additionally, people from Hong Kong tend to ask some general questions with each other because we want to understand this person more. We are interested in him or her, yet it does not mean to obtain any benefits...
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