Be Able to Support Individuals to Use the Toilet

Topics: Hygiene, Toilet-related injury, Bidet Pages: 3 (620 words) Published: March 30, 2013
3. Be able to support individuals to use the toilet

3.1 Provide support for the individual to use toilet facilities in ways that respect dignity

1. Offer the individual a help.
2. If the individual is not able to transfer by itself help him/her to transfer however encourage using their own strength as much as he/she is able in order to promote their independency. 3. When the individual is sitting on the toilet cover his/her private area with for example towel to respect their dignity. 4. Ask if they the individual needs some privacy, if it is save to live the individual by him/herself on the toilet inform that you are going to wait outside the toilet and when finish he/she can call you. In the situation when it is not safe to live the individual on the toilet, you can respect their privacy by turning around. 5. Do not make any comments which would make them feel uncomfortable.

3.2 Support individual to make themselves clean and tidy after using toilet facilities

Most of the service users at my work place require full support after using a toilet. However, we remained them to wash their hand after using the toilet. Those service users who are not able to wash their hands by themselves are supported by staff members. The service users who do not need a support with using the toilet are remanded to use it and to remember to wash their hands.

6. Be able to monitor and report on support for personal care

6.1 Seek feedback from the individual and others on how well support for personal care meets the individual’s needs and preferences

1. Read Care Plans.
2. Ask the individual if the currently used methods meet their preferences. 3. Ask the individual if they would like to make any changes which would make their personal care more convenient, comfortable or enjoyable. 4. Discuss with staff members how they can improve the support of the individual in order to meet their needs and preferences. 5. Upgrade Care Plans...
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