Bdo Insights on the Following Items Regarding Banco de Oro.

Topics: Sales, Marketing, Bank Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: October 2, 2011
Please give me your insights on the following items regarding Banco de Oro.

1. BBG Organizational structure – your view on this?
2. Identify their strength – whether its their products, delivery channel, services, etc. 3. Perceived weakness of each of these banks so that we learn also from their mistakes or weaknesses. Eg. culture, infrastructure, morale, etc. 4. What is the business model at the branch level like.  Is it the primary distribution channel or just deposit generation branch? How are sales achievement awarded? How is the sales culture at the branch level encouraged? Do they have a trading area? What are the incentive schemes? What are the criteria in measuring branch performance? 5. For measuring branch performance as a whole, is it volume or profitability based already? 6. How are these banks able to convince the branch people to sell other products like auto, mortgage, credit card, treasury and trust products, etc.? 7. Who are the ones selling all these products?  Just the branch head and the sales people or all branch and officers are involve in selling?  How are these behavior to sell products at the branch level encourage? 8. In terms of client to product ratio, how important is this to the assigned banks?  Is it measured and if it is, how does it impact the branch performance criteria? 9. What types of trainings are being given by these banks to their branch people and how often? 10. What is the amount of business volume that these banks require for their branches annually? 11. What are the support given to the branches by these banks to encourage sales production? Eg. hardware such as laptops or blackberry, software for sales like SMMS or lead management system, recognition for top performers, career progression for performers, etc. 12. How are alternative channels being used in the assigned banks?  To support the branch as a channel or used to get business for the bank?  If the latter, what are the basis...
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