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Topics: Political party, Politics, Political corruption Pages: 26 (8470 words) Published: April 21, 2013
It was a winter evening of 2011; I was having a conversion with one of my cousin who was an undergraduate student of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). The discussion topic was the political instability of Bangladesh, he was kind of frustrated and blaming the political parties because just the day before the discussion his final examination was postponed due to “Hartal” called by the main opposition party. He was tensed about finishing his graduation in time because of this delay. He had a plan to catch the next semester of a US university for doing his MS over there. But this Hartal issue was made him very anxious that he might not be able to go to USA in time to start the semester. So I could see all of his anger toward the politics and political parties while having the conversation he was saying these political parties and political structure is nothing but a waste of valuable resources of common people, they can’t do any betterment for the country. He said. “We really need some change; we need new and young leadership instated of this age old politicians and political culture.” Then I asked him that if he is thinking about bringing new and young leaders in politics then why he doesn’t take the chance, why he doesn’t join in politics. I pointed out that he is well educated and qualified enough to do that. Then he replied, “I would like to join in politics, but can politics give me a secure future? Can the political parties facilitate me enough opportunities to be a potential leader rather than following the family legacy of transferring political power? Do you think they have internal democracy? Are they going to give me a nomination for national election if I don’t fund them with tons of black money? Do you think they can let me work freely for the betterment of the country? Am I going to get enough support from my family and society if I wish to get involved in active politics? Answer me.” Well I didn’t have any positive answer for his questions. Because he rose up some burning issues those work as discouraging factors for the young people to join in active politics of Bangladesh. Well, not only my cousin, I think there are a huge number of young people in our country who have also got similar kind of questions in their mind. These numerous number of young people are very much concern about our existing political culture and political practices. They have strong opinions of their own. Almost all of these young stars are well educated and energetic enough to take the challenge of future and work for the betterment of Bangladesh. But all of them are stuck with the same sort of questions and uncertainty like my cousin regarding the existing political structure. So though they have proper capability but these structural problems and instability is discouraging them, pulling them back to get involved in active political practices. So they are losing interest in politics. They are not taking it as a profession. They are using their talent and efficiency in other jobs where they can find a secure future and flexible environment rather than politics. As a part of this promising young generation all of these issues also bother me a lot. So I wanted to go deep inside into this problem by choosing this topic for my research project. I have investigated these issues very closely to know details about the structural problems related to our politics those are faced by our young generation while they want to join in. I have focused on each and every problem possible and I tried to know how young people consider this problems. I have also found out their level of interests about joining in politics. Finally I also got some suggestion from them that what kind of changes in political structures should be brought in to facilitate their way of getting in.

Background of the research
While doing the research on a topic like Politics and Young generation of Bangladesh, I had to consider many...
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