Topics: Macy's, Customer service, Communication Pages: 3 (803 words) Published: November 3, 2012

Organizational Behavior and Communication of Macy’s

Kathryn Stockert


Loressa Copeland

Macy’s exists as an international brand of department stores known not only for its Thanksgiving Day Parade but also known for its diversity, charity, exquisite customer service, and top-quality merchandise. Macy’s espoused philosophy, vision, and mission statements seem to match with their enacted values.

Macy’s culture is based on the philosophy of professionalism, building sales, diversity, and customer service. From management to their associates, Macy’s continues their philosophy of professionalism and building sales by investing in their company, “‘and that means continual training,” said David Clark, Macy’s, Inc. executive vice president for human resources. “It’s part of our You Count value. There is a good return on our investment in that our associates feel valued and respected, feel capable in doing their jobs and want to stay with us” (Macy’s Inc., 2012). “All associates complete a program that introduces them to the company, the vision, the brand values, the core customer and the four business priorities, as well as a course on the company’s position on diversity and inclusion” (Macy’s Inc., 2012). Macy’s proves to continue their philosophy of diversity through several means. Macy’s workforce is majority women “and more than 69 percent of management-level executives are women” (Macy’s Inc., 2012). “Racial minorities represent more than” half of Macy’s associates and more than 30 percent of their management (Macy’s, 2012). An employee of one of Macy’s cosmetic counters, has worked for Macy’s for over five years, and states, “Their culture is universal. Last summer we [Macy’s] did a Brazilian theme. The whole company did. So they try to capture each [and] every ethnic group. We have had African themes, Mexican. You name it. Macy's will do it. It is called the ‘Magic...
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