Bcom 275 Week1

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Assignment 1.1: Communication Process Model
Dr instructor
Assignment 1.1: Communication Process Model
Misunderstanding #1
Who was the sender?
John Russell, Principle Engineer
Who was the receiver?
John Calderara, Project Lead
What was the message?
The gradiated formula used to determine the atmospheric, internal and ambient operating temperature of the T2 was based on equalizing the ionic pressures within the metal with the speed in which the metal transforms itself. What channel was used to send the message?

Sound and light waves (verbal message).
What was the misunderstanding that occurred?
Mr. Calderara was unclear how to teach his students how to establish the operating temperature of the T2. How could the misunderstanding have been avoided?
Mr. Russell could have used terms that the average soldier would understand. 1. What did you learn about the communication process from this activity?
The main thing I learned about the communication process is that the sender of a message needs to be aware of the receiver’s knowledge and background. Mr. Russell did not take into account that Mr. Calderara is not an electrical engineer and that many of Mr. Calderara’s students have no electronics background. I also learned the importance of the receiver asking good questions to communicate to the sender that more clarity was needed. 2. What seemed to be the main causes of the misunderstandings?

The main problem with the message was Semantic noise. If Mr. Russell would have put his message into terms that Mr. Calderara could understand and convey to his students there would not have been any misunderstanding.

Misunderstanding #2
Who was the sender?
John Calderara (Supervisor)
Who was the receiver?
Josh Fisher (employee)
What was the message?
Josh when you finish that system you can get out of here. What channel was used to send the message?
Sound and light waves (verbal)
What was the...
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