Bcom/275 Week 1

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  • Published : August 6, 2012
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Misunderstandings in Communication
Amber Marino
July 17, 2012
Mr. John Mago

Misunderstandings in Communication
Misunderstanding #1
Who was the sender? My Sargent
Who was the receiver? Myself
What was the message? My Sargent was trying to communicate directions to me of the medical building I had to drop this urgent lab paperwork off to. What channel was used to send the message? Face to face conversation What was the misunderstanding that occurred? His directions on how to get to the medical building were clear, but not clear on where to drop the lab paperwork off once I was there. He stated, “Drop the papers of at the first clinic to the right, once you walk in the building, you can put them in their box.” So I did exactly that. I ended up dropping the papers off to the wrong clinic though because it was supposed to be dropped off at the women’s clinic and I dropped it off at the primary clinic. The clinics had switched their locations in the hospital a week earlier. I didn’t know because when you drop off paperwork, you drop it in a drop box, which it only said drop box. Therefore, since it was dropped off at the wrong location, it was not processed correctly, which made it late for the Commander. Since this happened, the Commander had to locate the paperwork, get it to the right location, and have them expedite it back to him. I ended up finding out that the paperwork was for a solider that was wounded. How could the misunderstanding have been avoided? This could have been avoided if my Sargent would have said to me, “Drop this paperwork off at the women’s clinic in the hospital”, and then gave directions. Or when I got to the hospital, I should have made sure the drop box was for the women’s clinic.

Misunderstanding #2
Who was the sender? My Visa credit card company
Who was the receiver? Myself
What was the message? I was given a conformation code by the CSR Kelly for the payment I made over the phone. What channel was used to send...
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