Bcom/275 Miners Trapper

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30 Miners Trapped Draft
Michael A Jones

To The Families

It is with our deepest regret and sorrow that we must announce to you today August 5th, 2010 one of our copper minds in which your loved ones were working in has collapsed. At this point and time we do not know their fate or condition. We will work tirelessly day and night to extract and save your loved ones. Also at this point in time there has been no communication with the miners working below the surface. We have contacted several rescue services along with our mining minister to assist in rescue efforts to get your loved ones to the surface and back home safely. I assure and personally promise each and every one of you that I will not stop until each and every one of them is returned home to you. The employees of this company are also like family to us, and their safe return is our main concern. I ask you to trust that we will do everything within our power to ensure that their rescue will be a success. I want to also ensure you that there will be a full investigation into the events that occurred today so that we can take all steps necessary to ensure that this type of incident will not occur again. We will provide any updates to you as soon as they arise. Also in this time of grief and despair we I have arranged grief counselors that will remain on site through the entire process. In the event that we communication in instilled and we are able to locate your family members you will be personally contacted by me. I thank you for your trust and prayers as we continue our unwavering efforts to locate your family members.

I chose to do this face to face so that the families will see that the company does care about their loved ones. In time of tragedy you need to communicate to the family members face to face. When you do this it shows that you are more personable and they can actually see someone does care about their loved ones. You also need to reassure them that...
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