Bcom/275 Knowing Your Audience

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  • Published : November 8, 2011
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Knowing Your Audience
David Thurman
October 16th, 2011
Don Olsen

Knowing Your Audience
Knowing your audience is a critical component of public speaking. Understanding the group of people who are receiving the message is second in importance only to the message itself. A poor understanding of your audience can lead to a poor delivery of the information that you need to get across. In regards to the Chilean Copper Mine Collapse, there are many factors to take into consideration when releasing the information to the public. Speaking from the perspective of the announcing the incident, one must note the different roles and people in the audience. The families of the miners and the employees of the company must receive the message differently. Also, there are precautions that most be taken before the messages are delivered to ensure they are delivered correctly. Also, there are actions that must be taken after the fact to ensure that the message was received correctly. Each of these will be discussed. First, and most importantly, as soon as the event happens, the company must safeguard the details of the event to ensure that the information is given to each of the audiences in an appropriate fashion. While developing the best strategy of delivery, time is the most pressing concern. Every second spent on strategy is a second that the information can be leaked to the audience in its raw form. A leak of that magnitude would be detrimental and extremely disrespectful to the audience. No one would want to hear through the “grapevine” that his or her loved one or co-worker was involved in an event as tragic as a mine collapse. It is important to remember that timeliness is of the utmost importance when dealing with situations of this magnitude. When taking families into consideration, the company must deliver the information of the mine collapse with an extreme level of tact, clarity, and reassurance. It is inevitable that the family...
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