Bcom 275 Debate Summary

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  • Published : September 16, 2011
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Arranged marriages: tradition or outdated ideals?

Debate Summary

The topic chosen by Team C is Indian Culture. Our title for the debate paper will be, “India’s Arranged Marriages: Tradition or Outdated Ideals,” we as a team will attempt to debate the tradition of arranged marriages. Team C will be broken into two separate teams, Team A and Team B. Team A will debate for the tradition of arranged marriages and Team B will debate against it. In our discussion the following will be points for debate: Team A:

* Why this tradition is not dead
* Why this tradition should continue
* How this tradition shows the social order and hierarchy of India * How this tradition promotes India’s life and culture

Team B:
* Why this tradition is dead
* Why this tradition should not continue
* Why this tradition is outdated and breaks down the social order of India * How this tradition places a stigma on India’s life and culture
Taken into account for the debate will be India’s religion, location, population, ethnic makeup, government, culture, customs, languages, and etiquette. All of these components are essential to a good debate and to provide some insight into the culture and ways of India. We as a team will debate how the topic of arranged marriages may be controversial to some and quite

fine and noncontroversial to others. We will attempt to be persuasive in our approach and attempt to conduct the arguments in such a way that the pros and cons will clearly be stated. Each Team will provide for the reader a clear and concise side for the debate. In this debate paper will be a rebuttal for the weaker argument and an explanation as to why the more persuasive argument was chosen and how. The paper will be in APA format and all references, sources and research will be stated. Also, the paper will be submitted to WritePoint for review and checking.
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