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Topics: Apple Inc., Mac OS X, Macintosh Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: May 20, 2013
I have categorized iPhone and iPod in Star category which means they both need further investment in product development and there are greater opportunities available in the marketfor growth. Latest figures reveal that the growth rate for iPods is currently 28% and for thoseof iPhone’s its 48%.Apple enjoys 60% more market share in iPod than its closest rivalScandisk in the market. In iPhone’s, Apple is not the market leader but has 28% market sharewhere manufacturer of Blackberry RIM has 41% market share. So, Apple is a challenger for RIM with significant proportion of relative market share. Both iPhone and iPods are verycritical for Apples success in the long term. Organisations need Stars which will eventuallylater become Cash Cows and will be critical for future cash flow generations for theorganization. Cash Cow

I have placed Apples iTunes digital downloading software as a cash cow. Apple clearly is amarket leader in this market segment with 82% market share, its closest rival is Napster with

only 3% relative market share. The huge difference of 79% shows that Apple has outplayedall its counterparts in this market segment. Growth rate for iTunes is 7.6% which indicates
that it is a stable and mature product and it does not needs further heavy investments for product development by Apple Inc. This stream of cash flow is essential for providing cashfor Question mark products. Question Mark

I have placed Mac Os X’s and Mac Software in Question mark category, there is a possibilityto capture further market share if provided with funds for product development andinnovation, otherwise they will fall back in to Dog catogry.Apple has a comparatively lower market share in both market segments and there are further opportunities available as thegrowth rate is quite high. Apple enjoys 31.7% market share for Mac Os X and 0.09% relativemarket share while for Mac Software the growth rate is 32% and relative market share is0.01%.These lower percentages...
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