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Topics: Growth-share matrix, Strategic management, Marketing Pages: 3 (613 words) Published: November 24, 2010
Placing products in the BCG matrix results in 4 categories in a portfolio of a company: BCG STARS (high growth, high market share)
- Stars are defined by having high market share in a growing market. - Stars are the leaders in the business but still need a lot of support for promotion a placement. - If market share is kept, Stars are likely to grow into cash cows. BCG QUESTION MARKS (high growth, low market share)

- These products are in growing markets but have low market share. - Question marks are essentially new products where buyers have yet to discover them. - The marketing strategy is to get markets to adopt these products. - Question marks have high demands and low returns due to low market share. - These products need to increase their market share quickly or they become dogs. - The best way to handle Question marks is to either invest heavily in them to gain market share or to sell them. BCG CASH COWS (low growth, high market share)

- Cash cows are in a position of high market share in a mature market. - If competitive advantage has been achieved, cash cows have high profit margins and generate a lot of cash flow. - Because of the low growth, promotion and placement investments are low. - Investments into supporting infrastructure can improve efficiency and increase cash flow more. - Cash cows are the products that businesses strive for.

BCG DOGS (low growth, low market share)
- Dogs are in low growth markets and have low market share.
- Dogs should be avoided and minimized.
- Expensive turn-around plans usually do not help.

And now, let's put all this into a picture:

Main Steps of BCG Matrix
* Identifying and dividing a company into
* Assessing and comparing the prospects of
each SBU according to two criteria :
1. SBU’S relative market share.
2. Growth rate OF SBU’S industry.
* Classifying the SBU’S on the basis of BCG
* Developing strategic objectives for each


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