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Boston 咨询公司紧随 McKinsey 在咨询行业中排名第二。现阶段,公司规模已达到 雇员 3720 人。其主要咨询业务面向高科技,合作发展类公司及媒体,尽管 BCG 向不同行 业的客户提供服务,但在全世界的业务主要集中于电子商务,能源,通讯,汽车,制药及零 售业。咨询人员在工作六年后要选择专业。

BCG 总部 BCG 拥有数项高级管理咨询的革新和理论,例如以时间为基础的竞争。解体,以及能 力所驱的竞争策略,解释了公司收益性及市场份额之间关系的著名的波士顿矩阵。 在中国的发展 BCG 于 1980 年代率先在大中华区开拓管理咨询业务市场。1990 年在香港设立的办 公室,确立了我们对中国的长期投入以及致力于中国管理咨询业务的信心。BCG 其后于 1993 年在上海设立办公室, 使我们成为在中国大陆第一家设立中国合资企业的跨国咨询公 司。随着 BCG 在大中华地区的业务逐步扩展, BCG 于 2001 年设立了北京办公室,以便 更好地为越益广泛的大中华区客户提供服务。虽然台北办公室成立的时间最短,但 BCG 自 1990 年代中期起已开始为台北客户提供资询服务,BCG 经常派遣香港办公室的咨询顾问 到台北处理本地和国际客户的项目事宜。 BCG 在与客户的合作过程中成长,不断深化完善对中国市场的理解,并力求将国际化 最先进的管念与中国国情完美结合,为我们的客户创造出更多的价值。 公司历史 The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a leading management consulting firm founded by Bruce Henderson in 1963. The company was formed when 4 / 17 本文章由尚友原创或整理 Henderson accepted the challenge from the CEO of the Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company to start a consulting arm for the bank. In 1965 Henderson thought that to survive, much less grow, in a competitive landscape occupied by hundreds of larger and better-known consulting firms, a distinctive identity was needed, and pioneered "Business Strategy" as a special area of expertise for BCG. As his client list grew, Henderson targeted the nation's best business schools. At some point he was said to have eclipsed McKinsey as the top recruiter at Harvard, aggressively wooing its best students with high salaries and the chance to make a difference in a cutting-edge firm. He encouraged the brilliant young minds he hired to come up with innovative ideas that were meant to dazzle hardened corporate veterans. In 1973 Bill Bain and others left BCG to form Bain & Company, and two years later Henderson arranged an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), so that the employees could take the company independent from The Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company. The buyout of all shares was completed in 1979. In 1998 BCG created The Strategy Institute. Its purpose is to enrich the firm's strategic thinking by applying insights from a variety of academic disciplines to the strategic challenges facing both business and society. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) ranked 8th overall and first among smaller companies in Fortune Magazine's 2007 "100 Best US Companies to Work For" survey, based on strong employee development, a supportive culture, and progressive benefits. 主营业务/品牌 BCG 的主要业务面向高科技,合作发展类公司及媒体,尽管 BCG 向不同行业的客户 提供服务,但在全世界的业务主要集中于电子商务,能源,通讯,汽车,制药及零售业。咨 询人员在工作六年后要选择专业。 文化与价值观 文化 We are a partnership of individuals. 1 We collaborate without conforming. 2 We value ideas above tenure. 3 We respect individuality. 4 We embrace flexibility. We believe in passionate engagement. 1 We put our clients first, and we measure our success by their success. 2 We empower our clients as partners and share the credit for-and the excitement of-discovery. 3 We insist on the truth, whether or not that is what the client wants to hear. 4 We seek to be a catalyst for creative and practical transformations. 5 We foster our clients' ability to achieve and sustain superior results. 5 / 17 本文章由尚友原创或整理 We work to expand the possible. 1 We build on experience without repeating it. 2 We create sustainable competitive advantage through innovative solutions. 3 We invest in our people so that they are able to realize their leadership potential at BCG and beyond. 4 We are committed to creative and practical results. 5 We change the rules...
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