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BCG Matrix of Amul Products:
What is a BCG matrix:
In the early 1970s Bruce Henderson of Boston Consulting Group developed a technique by which businesses were classified as low or high performers based on their market share and relative growth rate.

The matrix has four classifications:
1) Star Leaders in market. Consumes a lot of cash and generates a lot of revenue 2) Cash cows Generates a lot of revenue for the company. Strong product line of the company in a mature environment which is not growing anymore. 3) Dogs Low growth and low market share. Consumes a lot of cash and does not have much potential of desired earnings. 4) Question marks Business usually at startups and can consume a lot of cash. With proper focus they can become starts or cash cows or with poor strategy might fall to dogs.

Amul Products in the BGC Matrix:

- Amul Pure Ghee range - Amul Cheese Spread - AmulKool - AmulIcecreams - Amulya Dairy Whiteners

Question Marks
- AmulMastiDahi - AmulLassi - AmulMithaimate -AmulMithai Range - Boxed milk Range(UHT)

Cash Cows
- Amul fresh Milk range - Amul Butter range - Mozarella Cheese

- Amul Chocolates - Nultramul Energy Drink - Amul Shakti - Infant Milk range - Amul Pizza

* Complete list of products given in Appendix.

Strategy to Market items in Question marks:
1) MastiDahi/Lassi/Mithai range: a. Amul needs to build up a chain of retail outlets for exclusively Amul products. Mother Dairy is doing very well in Delhi and Haryana with that mode of supply chain. b. There is no marketing focus on these products. The Utterly Butterly Delicious is focused only on the butter. In fact Amul synonyms with butter and milk which are

its cash-cows. The marketing and consumer awareness now needs to shift to other products if Amul wishes to increase the market share of the same. c. Poor media marketing through print/television/online. Amul needs to improve its consumer reach. It needs to come out of the Utterly Butterly...
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