Bca Entrance Essay

Topics: Music, Musical instrument, Flute Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: November 8, 2012
For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for music. Even as a little girl, our home videos show me singing with my sister, tapping out rhythms, and playing on various toy instruments we had all over the house. My parents encouraged me to explore several instruments, but when I was five, a professional flutist who performed at our elementary school fueled my inspiration. Ever since then I have been committed to the music, making it an essential part of my life everyday.

Over the last 8 years I have studied flute privately, and participated in many musical activities at school including concert band, jazz band, handbells and chorus. Over the years I have also been sensitized to making others feel comfortable and welcomed. In my school, where there has been a problem with bullying, I started a club called “R House” to help make other kids feel respected and safe. I’ve also enjoyed dedicating part of every summer to improve my musical skills by attending various camps, including Longlake Camp for the Arts, Eastern U.S. Music Camp at Colgate University and Interlochen Camp for the Arts, where I was just invited to return on the basis of last summer’s performance. While I know that there may be others with comparable or better talent, my passion serves as the constant motivation for me in music as well as other aspects of my life. For example, being a dedicated Honor Roll student, taking weekly Temple classes and performing community service has been important and demanding as well. Managing these priorities has taught me a lot about tenacity, friendship and balance.

Although music has been my main passion, I have always been interested in cooking with both my grandma and my mom. They both are outstanding chefs and I love to learn how they assemble recipes, combine courses, and delight their guests with delicious and beautiful food. Sometimes I even bake cookies and cakes, and bring them to the retirement home where I play the flute to...
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