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Topics: Pro forma, Want, Luggage Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Scenario Part 1—the beginning: Your team is working for a major consulting firm based in New York. It is a multi-functional team with various degrees of expertise in a variety of business-related areas. At 7am you receive a text message from your boss. At reads: Emergency assignment. Don’t come to the office. Pack a suitcase, go to JFK, tickets waiting for MSP, limo to BBY.

Aside from obviously not going to the office and packing a suitcase, what does this message mean? Take about five minutes to come up with some explanation of the text message. Be ready to present it to the class.

Scenario Part 2—waiting at the departure gate. Your team has assembled at JFK, which has free wi-fi. While your team is waiting for your plane you can now log onto the internet and start doing some background research on BBY. Based on what you can find in the internet, what do think that BBY’s needs are? With this new influx of information, what do you think you are going to be doing for BBY? Take about 20 minutes to come up plausible jobs that BBY might require. Be ready to present them to the class.

Scenario Part 3—the flight. You will be spending the next three hours flying to Minneapolis. Upon arrival, you will take a limousine to Best Buy’s headquarters. You want to get be ready for your first contact with BBY personnel. What specific information will need so you have an accurate situation analysis? Take about 10 minutes to build a list of background needed before you make your first contact.

Scenario Part 4—Baggage claim. It seems as though one of your teammate’s luggage was routed to Oshkosh, WI. The good news is that the luggage should be at your hotel by 6pm. The bad news is that you will all have to spend about 30 minutes waiting for the paper work for the lost luggage to be completed. At least you can use this time to dig into your list of information needs. Take about 25 minutes to...
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