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Hosur Road, Bangalore
Department of Management Studies

Course Plan-2012-2013

Subject/Code: Organizational Behaviour/BBM 232
|Name of the faculty | Email | |Dr. Jain Mathew | | |Mr. John Paul | | |Ms. Mary Thomas | | |Ms. Vinita Seshadri | |

To provide students with thorough knowledge in theory and concepts of organizational behavior, also to equip them to address the contemporary changes related to the behavior and performance of people in organizations today.

Teaching and learning approach
Each week's teaching sessions will comprise:

Four- Hour lecture including student centered activity
During which you will be introduced to the topic for that week. It is important to note that the coverage of each topic during the lecture will be incomplete unless you read the references provided and attempt the tutorial questions that cover that topic. It is important to note that for each topic a set of objectives is given and it is your responsibility to ensure that you meet those objectives.

Recommended text books
Stephen Robbins, Timothy A. Judge, Seema Sanghi, Organizational Behavior, 13th Edition Pearson Education,

Human Capital
MBA Review
HRM Review
HBR Review
Case Folio

Lecture Schedule:

1. MODULE - Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
1.1 Objectives
• Understand the importance of interpersonal skills in the workplace. • Describe the manager’s function, role and skills.

|Week |Topics |Hour |Methodology | | |Nature, importance and purpose of organizations |1 |Discussion | | | | | | |Nov 5 – Nov 10 | | | | | |Managerial Skills by Robert Katz |2 |Lecture (C&T/PPT) | | |Management Roles by Mintzberg |3 |PPT; video showing various roles | | |Effective versus successful Managerial Activities|4 |Group discussion and reflections | | |- | | | | |Luthan’s study | | |

1B.2 Objectives:
On completion of the material you would be able to: • Define Organization Behaviour
• Trace the historical roots of organization behaviour • Explain OB Model
• Identify the major behavioral science disciplines that contribute to OB • Identify the challenges and opportunities managers have in applying OB Concepts

|Week |Topics |Hour |Methodology | | |Introduction to Organization Behaviour - OB Model|1 |Lecture (C&T/PPT) | | | | |...
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