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Topics: Management, Decision making, Peter Drucker Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Group Summary:
Drucker, P., 2004 “What makes an effective executive”, Harvard Business Review, 82(6) pp. 58-63 As individuals, all executives consist of different personalities, attitudes, values, strengths and weaknesses among each other, in order to become an effective executive eight practices are collectively employed. The article “What makes an effective executive”, by P. Drucker discusses the repeated practices that is followed by successful effective executives including, “what needs to be done?”, “what is right for the enterprise?”, the development of action plans, the responsibility for decision-making, the responsibility for communicating, focusing on opportunities rather than problem, running productive meetings and effective executives say “we” rather than “I”. The first two practices Drucker (2004) introduces provide an effective executive with the knowledge they needed asking, “What needs to be done?” and “what is right for the enterprise?”When the question, “what needs to be done?” is asked by an effective executive, they focus hard on one, at most two, tasks at a time. Therefore, other tasks are postponed no matter how important or appealing they are in order to increase efficiency. The second practice, “what is right for the enterprise?” provides an opportunity for executives to make the right decision. In the article, the author also explains that conducting this practice does not ensure the right decision will be made as “even the most brilliant executive is human and thus prone to mistakes and prejudices” (Drucker 2004). An action plan is implemented by all effective managers. Firstly, they ask: what the expectation of the company is; what’s the duty; what's the deadline and is this action ethical? An action plan is the basis for executive’s time management and is crucial in assisting executives improve time consumption and efficiency. Decision-making is also important skill an effective executive must acquire to succeed in the corporate...
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