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Topics: Quality assurance, Data quality, Evaluation Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Data quality assurance refers to a few different things. It can simply be the profiling of certain data to discover any inconsistencies, and anomalies in the data. It can also refer to certain cleansing activities, such as the removal of outliers in hopes of improving the data quality . Data quality assurance can help accuracy, completeness, consistency, and timeliness. In addition data quality assurance can help : -Define : set data quality standards and expectations

-Measure : Identify current data quality levels and assess gaps -Analyze : analyze root cause for data quality problems
-Improve : provide solutions for data quality problems and monitor effectiveness

Data quality assurance is important for many reasons. In addition to improving inconsistencies, anomalies, accuracy, etc, it can also benefit and improve the efficiency of tracking in the following areas: sales revenue, production costs, marketing costs, inventory levels, customer satisfaction rates, operator efficiency, identifying factors such as customers, products, and locations. The ability to track errors, validate certain data, and maintain data control is an important aspect for many organizations including, Tucson Water. Tucson Water serves over 675,000 people in the Pima County area. The company uses data quality assurance tools to identify where certain corrections, additions, and deletions must be made to certain special data and its attributes. Tucson Water expects to deliver high quality water, therefore the caliber of water quality data is crucial for: analyzing a water body; evaluating the quality assurance (QA) principles of water quality; and submitting water quality data to Ecology . The possibility of usage and the quality of certain water depends on data. Tucson Water can more accurately measure ions, nutrients, water discharge, and the ionic balance, ionic ratio, ion-conductivity relationship, and numerous others.
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