Bazil Economy

Topics: South America, Brazil, United States Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: January 2, 2013
• Melting pot representing the entire world
o Influenced by Europe, Spain, Portugal, United States  o Africans and Asians brought over to work on the sugar cane plantations • Brazil most diverse
o Whites, Black, Mestizos and Mulattos, Middle Easterns and Asian • Catholicism is the most dominant religion (over 80%) • Portuguese and Spanish are the primary languages o English, Dutch, French, Italian, German, Japanese

Tropical-Plantation Region — it consists of several separated areas. Location, soils, and tropical climates favored plantation crops especially sugar. African slave laborers’ were brought over to work on the plantations and descendants now dominated the racial makeup and influence the cultural.

European-Commercial Region — the most “Latin” part of South America. At least 85% of the population are “pure” European with a strong Hispanic cultural imprint. This area of Mediterranean climate practices cattle and sheep pastoralism as well as mixed farming.

Amerind-Subsistence Region — This region includes some of South America’s poorest areas. The Amerindian heirs to the Inca Empire live at high elevations in the Andes. Poor soils, uncertain water supplies, high winds, and bitter cold make farming a constantly difficult proposition.

Mestizo-Transitional Region — surrounds the Amerind-subsistence region, This is the zone of mixture between European and
Amerindian — African in coastal sections of Venezuela, Colombia, and northeastern Brazil.

Undifferentiated Region — This region’s characteristics are hard to classify. Some of the Amerindian people live in the interior Amazon Basin and remain isolated from changes in South America Inaccessibility continues to contribute to the unchanging nature of these areas.  
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