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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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Jonathan Chew
Charles Bazerman Article
Intertexuality is a way of using texts that you have read already and understood and applying it into your own writing. Fully understanding intertextuality can improve a writer as individuals and collectives. Julia Kristeva first coined the term intertextuality. She combined ideas from Bakhtin and Volosinov and suggested that ‘any text is a mosaic of quotations’. Volosinov uses the relation among texts to argue against two idealized dichotomies. Volosinov’s works raises issues about the nature of all language. His 1927 book called Freudianism, discusses the issue of inner speech.

Vygotsky does research on the way language mediates consciousness and transforms reflexes. Learning the language’s culture and history can form consciousness. ‘Our consciousness and behavior are formed in relation to the utterances that surround us to which we respond in interaction’. ‘Vygotsky inward mechanisms of the socially- formed language – saturated consciousness and Volosinovis outward mechanisms of consciousness- forming socio-linguistic utterances provide a meeting point between psychology and social studies of language and interaction.’

Bakhtin relates utterances to engage more precise questions of literary value in the way that literature represents the utterances of the characters and narrators. ‘Transtextuality is a method by which texts make their meaning in a world of surrounding texts.’ People used reading in the course of writing to familiarize their consciousness and thought. Bazerman realized that the ‘library research paper’ was not actual work but all plagarism and not real analysis. Bazerman explains how important reflective understanding of the intertextal landscape provides ‘the writer with important strategic rhetoric tools.’ Intertextual landscape allows readers to understand the text, comprehend, and use the text in their own writings. Intertextuality increases writers’ ability to place literate activity...
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