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Topics: Normal distribution, Sample size, Male Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: December 21, 2012
Bayview University is getting the feeling that their students are cheating in some sort of ways. These ways include copying from the internet, copying from another student for an exam or collaborating with another student(s) on an individual project. Some feel that it is a bigger problem than others do. So to see how the cheating was they began to survey the students in the Business school. They asked the three questions mentioned earlier and their gender.

Some of the findings showed that about 18% had copied off of the internet, 20% have copied on an exam, and 32% collaborated on an individual project. So in all, 41% of these students were involved in some sort of cheating in one way or another. Also, of those surveyed about 21.4% of females and 14.6% of males have copied from the internet, the same average of females and 18.8% of males have copied on an exam and 26% of females and 37.5% of males have collaborated on an individual project as a group. But, overall females are less likely to get involved with cheating at about 38% admitted to it and 44% of males as well. 1a.) All Students

P=0.41 (37/90=0.411)
CI%= 95%
Standard Error= √p(1-p/n
Width= 0.0519*1.96=0.1017
Lower Limit = p-width (0.41-.1017)=0.308 or .31
Upper Limit= p+width (0.41+.1017)=0.5108 or .51
Confidence Intervals [0.31,0.51]
1b.) Male Students
%= 95%
Standard Error: p(1-p/n

Z= 1.96
Width: 1.96*0.0716=0.1403
Lower Limit: 0.04375-0.1403=0.2972
Upper Limit: 0.04375+0.1403=0.5778
Confidence Intervals [0.30,0.58]
1c.) Female Students
N= 42
%: 95%
Standard Error: p(1-p/n
Z= 1.96
Width: 1.96*0.0749=0.1469
Lower Limit: 0.3810-0.1469=0.2341
Upper Limit: 0.3810+0.1469=0.5278
Confidence Interval [0.23,0.53]
2.) Hypothesis
Article 56%=.56
Ho p >.56& Ha p <.56
CI of Bayview Students that Cheat [0.31,0.51]
Since 0.51<0.56, it can be concluded...
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