Bayou Stores Ltd Aat

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Security 1. Accounts department is gained through a keypad code. This provides safety for the employees working within this department. This improves the overall mentality of the employees within this department. Archives and other important documents within this system are protected from other employees outside this department as well as from foreign visitors. 2. Alarm code for the building. Increases the overall protection of the organisation against the possibility of thefts. 3. The computer system is set up with a password to protect the work. Disables access to unauthorised personnel or outer internet users from the World Wide Web to gain important information, documents, costumers’ profiles etc. 4. The company cheque book is kept locked in Marion's desk in the accounts office. Even pay packets are stored in the office safe. Disables access to unauthorised personnel to gain important information and documents. 5. The cheques and cash received from credit customers are placed in the office safe. This procedure provides safety of anti thefts over the loose money and cheques. This decreases the chance of any credit notes and cheques of getting lost. It also enhances the reliability and safety factors of the company with its customers.

Appendix B
Strengths Well Treated 1. 2. 3. 4. Small accounts departments, hence more teamwork & co ordination. Jo Doyle is willing to work some extra hours if needed. John has provided a computer for every member of the accounts team. The office staff and store manager are paid monthly by cheque on the last working day of each month. 5. John has always trusted his workforce completely. Therefore good control environment. 6. Normally Gary work during his lunch break (Well motivated). 7. Computers running with the good operation system windows vista and they are also loaded with Microsoft Office 2007 version with 3 user license. A new pc is also loaded with sage Payroll Software to enable the payroll to be run in...
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