Topics: Disability, Women's suffrage, Immigration to the United States Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: April 28, 2013
People are sometimes intolerant of people who are different from them in certain ways. There are categories for certain people who have been considered as different or abnormal. Back in the history, disability had a substantial role in justifying the inequalities. Douglas C. Baynton wrote an article called “Disability and the Justification of Inequality in American History” showing that disability was one of the most accustomed factors to justify inequality for disabled people as well as other groups based on race, gender and ethnicity. Oppressed groups including women, African American and immigrants were described in ways similar to disabled people. Those groups had been labeled as “disabled”, facing unequal treatment and discrimination. However, as human being, we are all the same, as do we really think that disabled people are different and not human? Throughout the decades there were numerous famous people with disability who have achieved a lot of success in their lives despite of all the difficulties they faced. Disability people are the same human like us, the disabilities that they possess does not make them any less than human. In Baynton’s article, disability was made to be a significant factor to clarify who should or should not be excluded from citizenship. Different people were divided into categories and groups. Women’s suffrage, African American freedom and immigration restriction are the three great citizenship debates over the determinant of disability. Those people that are in those groups had been considered to be disabled even they were not. Women were considered to have physical, intellectual, and psychological defects. Similarly to women, African American had been argued to have lack of intelligent and their impaired intelligence made them incapable of equality with other Americans. Last but not least, immigrants had also been put in the debate of American immigration policy. Anyone who were considered to have disabilities such as mental...
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