Topics: Baylor University, Texas, Waco, Texas Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Baylor was founded in 1841 and organized an education society in the Texas Union Baptist Association. In terms meaning, Baylor University is a Christian based University with strong Christian values. Baylor at Independence was chartered by the Republic of Texas on Feb 1, 1845. In 1886 Baylor University and Waco University were consolidated and rechartered as Baylor University in Waco, Texas under the control of the Baptist General Convention. Baylor University was a male school, In 1866, The Baptist State Convention of Texas founded the female department, Baylor Female College. The Great Depression, plus a disastrous fire in 1929 brought the college to the edge of bankruptcy. At this time, Mary and John G. Hardin saved the college with a generous gift. In gratitude the college changed the name to Mary Hardin Baylor in 1934. Since Baylor is associated as a Baptist Christian University. I believe that all students should honor the Christian faith with the utmost respect. Any student body posing for Playboy Magazine in no way would be respecting Baylor’s Baptist Christian value’s.

Playboys last visit to Waco was in 2002 ended in the suspension of the Signa Phi Epsilon fraternity , not counting individual sanctions against several Baylor women who posed in bikinis for Playboy magazine. Even though the University sent out an e-mail warning Baylor students it would be in violation of the code of conduct as stated in Student Policies and Procedures. The problem was some students were punished while some went invisible to the punishment. Upon reading articles over the internet, some students whom actually posed nude were Baylor students and were never recognized in pictures. Playboy pays their models on a sliding scale, while those who pose nude are paid the most. followed by those partially nude those who pose in clothing. I still believe and think that even posing in a nude magazine such as Playboy fully clothed should still be found in...
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