Bayfield Mud Company

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  • Published : April 3, 2011
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A reaction paper in Bayfield Mud Company

Basically total quality management or TQM is a manufacturing process that is used to help improve a manufacturing process, basically make your manufacturing better. The reason for this is that through the implementation of total quality management you will take a look at your entire organization to see what needs to be improved to help the manufacturing process. The main goal to total quality management is to produce quality products to your customers. What this basically means is that you are keeping your customers happy through total quality management by giving them products that satisfies their needs, meaning they are getting a great product for the price that they are paying.

Usually in a manufacturing company, quality control issue is always a problem. In Bayfield Mud Company, they must evaluate their system if it still fits them. If not, it has to implement a new system to check the quality control of their manufacturing process. Bayfield Mud Company must do process mapping wherein they will gather information so that they can create a model of what actually happens, which activities, take place during a certain process. These maps actually can help them understand the process and can help them identify areas of improvement.

Based on Exhibit 1, it shows that most of the midnight shift the average net weight of the bags are below the net weight which is 50 pounds per bag. Bayfield Mud Company must evaluate what went wrong during the period of the said shift why most of the average net weight was below 50 pounds.

If the management suspect that only occasional reminder were made to double check the bag weight-feeder, they must investigate what the workers are doing during the midnight shift. Maybe a good suggestion is to have a spy worker to be on the midnight shift in order to determine the actual work that other workers are being done. Other possibility too is to check the weighing scale. Maybe something...
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