Bayeux Tapestry

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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“ Bayeux Tapestry Letter” Tara Brown Professor Dr. Gavin HUM 111-World Cultures I December 3, 2012
This letter was instructed and taught by Professor Dr. Gavin. Dear Brown Family,
The Bayeux Tapestry was one of the most unforgettable and successful encounters that I have joined in as Bishop Odo. Odo’s father was Herluin, Viscount of Conteville and Odo’s mother was Herleva whom was the mother of the Duke of Normandy. When he was only nineteen years old, William made him the Bishop of Bayeux where he built a cathedral there. He was the architect who commanded the Bayeux Tapestry. This 230-foot-long, 20-inch high embroidery was one of the most fascinating narratives commissioned by Odo. The entourage of Bishop Odo of Bayeux has successful entrepreneurs and talented scholars. It based on two groups of men who owed his triumph to his support: those who clenched the land from him in his earldom of Kent and persons whose legendary education he nurtured. At the Battle of Hastings, immediately after the English have prevented a cavalry charge, the Normans are pressured by this last cause as Odo twirled his marshal’s baton, reassuring his troops. He was high minded, very conquered with world insignificances, where the Spirit triumphed in him to good ends. There are others whose flesh overcame with the spirit of evil consequences. He accrued wealth by suspicious means. He also imparted it charitably on churches and the poor. He took several risks with the notable exception of his part in the Norman invasion of...
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