Bayaning 3rd World: Movie Analysis

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Rizal Bayaning 3rd World

1. Give your reaction to the way it was developed

I was impressed with the way they developed the movie. Their use of words and humor got my attention and their non-stop punch-lines kept my focus to the movie. Furthermore, I was delighted with their technique wherein they made the movie not so old and not so modern. Nevertheless, there are moments, especially in the latter part, that I was confused with what were true and what were false.

2. How did the movie make you understand and appreciate Rizal better?

With the assumption that Rizal’s retraction was not true, I admired Rizal even more because he was willing to stick to what he was fighting for and not eat and take back everything he had said during his crusade for freedom and equality form the Spaniards. 3. What previous facts or info about Rizal were reversed in the movie?

The retraction made by Rizal which was believed to be 100% true was made inefficient and inconsistent. In addition, because of that retraction theory or assumption, there are certain accounts that reveal that Josephine and Rizal were married after the retraction of Rizal and his becoming a Christian again.

4.1 What is your position about the retraction of Rizal?
In my opinion, the retraction of Rizal did not really take place. I think Rizal is that kind of a person that would be surrendering because of an execution. Furthermore, I don’t think Rizal would retract his works and allegations against the government and the church because Rizal has a quality of a proud and stubborn educated Filipino 4.2 Would the truth about it make your regard for Rizal less? Even if the retraction is true or not, my outlook or impression with Rizal would never change. He will still be the bravest wittiest and rightful national hero for the Philippines. 5.1 What do you think of the alleged marriage of Rizal to Josephine? In my opinion, Rizal really wanted to marry Josephine because he wanted to prove to...
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