Bay of Pigs

Topics: Cuba, United States, Fidel Castro Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: May 9, 2013
The Bay of Pigs- Causes of Conflict
When people, leaders, or officials are afraid or dislike something, they usually try to get rid of the source of the problem. Back in the 1960’s, communism was a problem or a fear of almost every country living in the western hemisphere. And when Fidel Castro, a young Cuban nationalist took control of the country, US officials had a reason to be afraid. You see, Castro was a communist, and he wanted Cuba to be a communist country and he would get rid of US influence in his country. But Cuba is in the United State’s sphere of influence which would mean that they would crack down on any country trying to become communist. The US had a plan to overthrow Castro’s government and put in a democratic, US friendly government. So on April 17, 1961, 1400 Cuban exiles backed by the US government launched an attack on Cuba because of the political, geographical and economical issues that they had. One factor that caused the Bay of Pigs invasion was the political problems that Castro would be causing to the United States when he took control of the country. Fidel Castro was a communist nationalist that didn't like the way that the US used Cuba for their business and interests in Cuba. Castro also established relations with the Soviet Union and turned Cuba into a communist country. The United States also distrusted Castro and felt that he was a threat to their interests and was thinking about hiring CIA operatives to assassinate Castro. They rejected this plan and came up with the idea to take a band of Cuba exiles, train them, and send them to

Cuba where they would set up a provisional government and get the people to join them and overthrow Castro. Another factor that helped cause the Bay of Pigs invasion was the economical problems that Castro was causing within the country and to the United States. Castro wanted to get rid of US influence in the country and to do that, Castro started closing US companies such as sugar mills,...
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