Bay Leaves, Garlic, Cucumber as Cockroach Repellent

Topics: Cockroach, Garlic, Essential oil Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: August 21, 2012
Feasibility of Laurus nobilis (bay leaf), Allium sativum (garlic) and Cucumis sativus (cucumber) as Cockroach repellent

Proponents:Faith Blessing Aranas

Franley Ann Concepcion

Athena Louise S. Mangoroban

III – Xenon

Cockroaches are one of the major problems of our daily life especially at home. It multiplies fast in no time. Cockroaches can cause food poisoning too when they come into contact with the food you eat. They are also very unhygienic as they will eat anything, like garbage, and carry a lot of bacteria and germs on themselves. Cockroaches also bite, especially the German cockroach. This usually happens when people go to bed with food residue in or around their mouth or hands. The cockroach is attracted to the smell of the food left in or around the mouth, and comes to take a taste. The roach bite typically is not associated with intent to bite the human, rather a misjudgment of his next meal! Because the roach bite was not intentional, it's usually children or those that do not clean up after meals that are typically bitten by German roach as well as other species. Commercial cockroach bait is an alternative to using sprays. Loaded with chemicals, these bait products function not only as a cockroach repellent but also as a means of killing off the pests. As with the homemade bait containing boric acid, these commercial products work by killing roaches after they consume the substance, effectively elimination the problem There are lots of cockroach repellents sold in the market. Commercial cockroach repellents often use chemicals to ensure the proficiency of their product. They might be fast and efficient but very hazardous to our health and to the environment. The researchers thought of having an alternative way to lessen or avoid the usage of harmful chemical. Herbal alternatives are said to be effective and eco-friendly. As per study, aromatherapy from Garlic, Cucumber and Bay leaf makes...
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