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* Continues from infancy to second year.
* It is the true foundation age.
* Many behavior patterns, attitude and emotional expressions are established. * It is the critical period in setting the pattern for personal and emotional adjustments. * The age of rapid growth and development such as:

1. They grow physically and psychologically.
-changes in height and weight
-can develop interests and attitude
2. Development of body control:
-sitting, standing and walking
3. Increased independence and individuality.
4. Period of creativity, sex role and socialization for adjustment in future life.
5. The ability to recognize and respond to people and objects in the environment.
6. The baby was able to understand many things and communicate its needs and

Areas of Development
* Babyhood extends from the end of the second week of life to the end of second year. Hurluck (1982) cites that infancy, compared to babyhood, is characterized by extreme helplessness. The word toddler has been increasingly used to denote a baby that has achieved enough control of his body to permit relative independence, such as moving about, feeding himself, etc. * Cognitive Development

* In infancy they don’t understand that objects exist even when hidden from view, it only exist when they see or feel it. * During the second year of life, a child acquires “object permanence” and start to search objects in diff. places. * They’re more curios and if the new object they find is better than the previous one, it holds their attention. * Emotional Development

* Starts to show emotion: love, anger, fear, curiosity, joy, affection, etc. * Learns love when they cradled in their mother’s arms and when she sings them to sleep. * If baby becomes separated from their mother when they have a strong relationship the child starts to show negative behavior. * Language...

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