Bavarian Illuminati Primer

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Not many people today are familiar with secret societies. They are seen to be as mysterious gathering with followers engaging in private rituals that are unknown to the public. The illuminati is one such society, that has been severally misinterpreted from its original founding on May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt in Ingolstadt Bavaria. The name illuminati are Latin translating to “enlightened” in English. Even though the society has negative view on the group, its original intent to was to embrace individualism and free thinking.

I. The illuminati sought to improve life for people through government and religious reform.
A. Why did Adam Weishaupt create the illuminati? 1. His goals where to oppose superstition. 2. Eliminate prejudice from society.
3. Promote gender equality.
4. Stop abuse of state power.

B. The members of the illuminati where well educated people that had strong beliefs and opinions on how society should be run. 1. Free thinkers-

2. Believing opinions should be made on logic and reason and not authority
and traditions.
3. Members had to take a vow of secrecy and a pledge to the illuminati high

C. Since the beliefs of this society where so radical during this time, the group received enormous backlash from the church, which sought to eliminate them.

1. The Roman Catholic Church was non supportive of them. 2. With no support from the church the Bavarian government outlawed the group.
3. This forced the group into hiding, gathering in secret until 1785.


A. Today there have become many branches and chapters of...
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