Bavaria- Ambush Marketing

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Bavaria NV: Ambush marketing
Bavaria NV is an independent Dutch brewery (owned by the Swinkles family) which operates in 120 countries, it is the second largest brewery in Holland producing over 5 million litres of beer annually. The Bavaria brand name originated in 1924. when the Swinkels brothers decided to change from the change from the common top-fermenting to bottom-fermenting beer: pilsner. The name Bavaria refers to the Bavarian brewing method which is the basis for brewing pilsner. By using the Latin name for Bavaria, the consumer was informed that this beer was in fact a type of pilsner. Bavaria managed to adapt its drinks to different markets which has helped it achieve 8.7% of the global beer market and 8.75% of the beer market in the Netherland. Bavaria has managed to obtain leading positions in niche markets through various product introductions over the years. As founder of the only truly alcohol-free beer, Bavaria has been able to establish a strong position in the Netherlands but also in other parts of the world. Bavaria exported its first alcohol-free beer to the Middle-East in 1978, not least because of the region's religious background. The brewing method used by Bavaria for its alcohol-free beer products is still unique in brewery circles. It is a brewer steeped in tradition & heritage and has a great reputation for producing top quality beers with a true and distinctive taste; To ensure the very best quality at all times, Since the early 90s Bavaria has its own source of natural mineral water, that, combined with the two malt houses company owned, the entire processing chain is managed in-house, which allows Bavaria to maintain a constant high quality. Other subsidiaries include Bavaria Horeca (catering) Barvaria Events, La Trappe beer. BarvariaNV marketshare of the Netherlands beer market is 8.7% of total sales. Bavaria NV Competitive Position of brands in Netherlands(see table below).

Product Type% Total Volume ShareRank...
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