Bav Speech on Farming

Topics: Meaning of life, Personal life, Agriculture Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: April 7, 2013
I. Who here knows were the food they eat comes from, or better yet who cares? Well I know and I care a lot. Local farmers, such as me, all know what beliefs, attitudes, and values we are given by the public eye. But, actually we have a totally different set to live by. II. A. What is a belief you ask? A belief is a person’s convictions. One of my beliefs is that farming is essential to everybody’s daily life. I mean the cotton your clothes are made of was grown by a farmer. But the biggest impact farming has on daily life is food. Farmers around the world have to put the food on your dinner table. But I’m not going into the fight over cost of food, that’s an hour speech on its own. Unfortunately, many people when they see a farmer driving his tractor down the road slowly think he is doing it just to annoy everyone. But every tractor on my farm only has a top speed of 25 mph. B. Now let’s look at attitudes. An attitude is as person’s predispositions. Farming forces you to have a unique attitude. I mean we don’t get paid on a year round basis, but our expenses are year round. So we must plan and always look ahead to the next fall for money to come in. They also have to hope and pray that their crops grow well and are healthy to provide for a good amount of grain to sell. C. So let’s see, this speech is on beliefs, attitudes, and values. So I guess final thing left to talk about are values. Well, a value is something a person perceives to be of their positive or negative worth. One thing I value is work. So, everyday year round I work hard but in the spring and fall I test work insanely hard. And I say that cause on a normal day in the field I work 10-12 hrs. And it’s all for the dollar, so I guess you can say I value money. Some people say that my values are low but hey, life without any values has no meaning.

III. So, I hope if you had a slightly negative view towards farmers, not saying you all do, that I might have changed your mind a...
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