Bauman's Case

Topics: Zygmunt Bauman, Thought, Postmodernity Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: May 13, 2013
While reading Zygmunt Bauman’s article I could figure next concepts he’s offering (not as in the text order): * Don Juan’s concept – the pleasure is reached only at the moment of understanding that IT is yours now * Liquid modernity – postmodernism – everything around us is constantly changing and these changes don’t have a direction * Reality principle VS. Pleasure principle by Freud – these two principles are crossing, one should find a balance between following he’s passions and doing what the society is expecting from him * Consuming to forget that we all die – a person tends to feel he’s not changing anything in the world, when he dies – there would be only ash. So to forget about this feeling one goes buying, consuming * Market-mediated consumerism – all our activities, adventures, holidays are thought in such a way, that everything is already thought out to the very last detail, it should always end nice and good and in a friendly manner. In this case business-owners would have the most clients, always. I can’t explain every concept on my own life example, but I will do it with several: 1. Consuming to forget: not only I, but most of my friends (females) tend to go shopping more often, what we’re not in the mood, something wrong has happened: starting from a bad dialogue with parents, finishing bad mark in the university. After such disappointments we all tend to buy something, depending on the size of disappointment – the more it is – the more I tend to buy. This all is usually done to avoid thinking about the problem, to forget about her at least for some time. It doesn’t mean, that every time I think we’re all mortal or what’s going to be with me, what one in my family passes away I’d go and buy a dress, but shopping is such a shallow way to avoid problems and feel happy because of a purchase. 2. Market-mediated consumerism: I don’t think it’s a bad think, I also like comfort in every part of my life. But I have seen how people tent...
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