Battleship Potemkin

Topics: Civil disobedience, Authority, Undercover Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Jake Reaves


Essay exam #3

I thought the movie and the essay showed similarities in the way the undercover cops dressed in torn up clothes and don't take showers just so they can mesh right into the scene of the people they are dealing with. The difference between the two is that the essay only talked about addiction occurring int that line of work. the movie actually showed Jim going through addiction and withdrawal. The essay and the movie gave me a better outlook on what the life of and under cover cop is all about. As well as the types of struggles they deal with on a daily basis.

One example of disobedience is anti-war movements; including refusal to enlist in the military, sit-ins, and refusal to allow military recruiters o high school and college campuses. An example of obedience would be picking up my little brothers from school when my parents ask me to. An example of disobedience would be (occupy wall-street) which identifies itself as a leaderless resistance movement with people of many political persuasions. They are politically disobedient fore refusing policy demands or embrace old ideologies.

According to Fromm any act which results in submitting ones will to someone else's (or to a group) is a cowardly act. On the other hand any act that affirms ones individual will and autonomy is an act of freedom. Authorities would rather have people obey out of love then fear because yes, obedience starts with fear and that fear becomes respect, as we mature we realize that we love and owe gratitude to authority figures. Ultimately we respect some one we love before we fear. I agree with these issues.

I learned that obedience is a basic element of the structure of social life. Obedience to authority is imperative for humans throughout their life, for the fact that everyone needs to be told what to do for a portion of their life to stay on the right track. On the other hand if there were no disobedience then we would not see...
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