Battle Royal

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Slavery might end with the signing of a piece of paper, but ending racism is something different entirely. Growing up in the south as a black man surrounded by passive racism and backhanded comments, is a disastrous force to constantly push on a developing mind. “Battle Royal” is about a young black man following in what he thought was his grandfather’s footsteps. Until on his deathbed his grandfather admits the truth. He calls himself a traitor and a spy; in reference to all the kind deeds and smiles he has been giving out his entire life. This young man has been mirroring his grandfather’s actions but completely missing the meanings behind them. To confront subconscious internal conflicts within ones self, a young black man must go against his inherent reactions to his surroundings and think about the true reasons behind his actions. Like all teenagers, this young black man is starting to realize life isn’t what he thought it was going to be. He starts thinking, about life, his future, what to do and what there is to do. He starts asking questions, asking everyone he knows. Some answers are good and some are bad, some contradict others and some contradict themselves, but he accepts them all. After all something is better than nothing right? He assumes everyone else has it figured out but him. Without much to build off of along with his grandfather’s seemingly contradictory statement about life, it was difficult to understand it all. Starting out at step one and using advice that was a product of years and years of profound thought coming from a fully developed brain, is almost an impossible task. But anything worth doing is never easy. If someone is very charitable it is safe to say that that person is kind and loving, but maybe that person isn’t acting so simply. Maybe he is incompetent and completely dependent on others, constantly in debt and when he gets anything he knows he needs to give it away so when he is in the hole again he has someone to lean on....
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