Battle of Waterloo Research Paper

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Jessica Ferguson
July 22nd,2012

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

1. What does Arnold mean when he says, “I think the world is a series of broken dams and floods and my cartoons are tiny little lifeboats.”? What Arnold meant by the above quote was that he sees the worlds as broken dams and floods that represent the death, chaos and poverty around him. Everything around him is broken and damaged like his glasses. At the age of fourteen he has already been to forty-two funerals and experienced a lot of life’s hardships. The lifeboats represent his cartoons which he sees as his way out the reservation and a way for him to make it in the world. 2. How did Rowdy react when he found out that Arnold was transferring to Reardan and why? Rowdy reacted negatively when he found out that Arnold was transferring to Reardan. He got very angry, yelled and believed Arnold was a traitor. He reacted in the way he did because his best friend was leaving him and they did everything together. Rowdy felt abandoned, he also thought about the reputation people on Rez have towards Reardan. They felt that people at Reardan were better than them. Rowdy feels that Arnold thinks the same way about him 3. Compare and contrast Wellpinit School and Reardan High school. Reardan School is different than Wellpinit in many ways. At wellpinit School Arnold has one friend and he was bullied and teased a lot. At Reardan he was not accepted at first, but later he was accepted by more than one person and has a better social position. At Wellpinit School the teacher Mr. p was weak in many ways, and the school has no discipline. At Reardan they have many teachers that were stricter for example Mr. Dodge and school has more discipline. The learning materials at Wellpinit School was very old, Arnold was using books that his parents used while they were there. At Reardan they had more materials that were up to date and Arnold could learn better....
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