Battle of Vicksburg

Topics: American Civil War, Confederate States of America, Mississippi River Pages: 3 (792 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Ms. Jordan
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23, October 2012

The Battle of Vicksburg
The battle of Vicksburg was a major siege of the Civil War. The great battle and controversy was all about the Mississippi River, and who would have dominant use of it. Of course with its major benefit, who could possibly not want the rights to use of the Mississippi? With steam boat technology especially, this made commerce a very profitable game. This regular route would also affect the economies if it were to be taken away. The Mississippi was causing Union forces to split the Confederacy into two. With the capture of Fort Donnellson, this was a much needed change. The south was to divide the south into two, and finally clear the river for the Union’s use. The Confederates did not want this change to happen, so they resisted, and strengthened the prevention of any of the Union’s use of the river. The battle went on as both sides gained more armed forces to face each other. A lot of men ended up dead, and a lot injured as well. Furthermore, this battle lasted from May 18 1864 to July 4 1864. Many may say it was a small battle, but the number of casualties was not small at all. In total Union and Confederate states, the approximation of deaths reaches up to19,233. 10,142 of those being from the Union states, and 9,091 being from the confederate states. Also approximately, 1,770 soldiers Missing or captured, and up to 17,300 men wounded. Anyone could still claim to win the war, but by the looks of those numbers, neither side really won. Who wins a war? Nobody. To continue, the Battle of Vicksburg, is usually known as the siege of Vicksburg. Mainly because of the true reason for the battle. Both Confederate, and Union solders wanted to siege the Mississippi river in order to do as they desire on the river, and politically. President Davis wanted to have power of the Mississippi in order to be able to keep the Confederacy, and...
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