Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

Topics: Roman Empire, Augustus, Ancient Rome Pages: 3 (1150 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

In 9 AD, Roman general Roman general Varus was betrayed by Arminius, the leader of a massive Germanic tribe. Arminius deceived the Roman and led them into a trap deep into the Teutoburg forest which would lay a foundation for what will be one of the biggest defeats in roman history; resulting in the extermination of some 20,000 roman troops. The effects of this defeat halted Roman expansion beyond the Rhine River. The psychological affects would eventually take a toll on Augustus, leading to illness and death. (Wells, p.15) Arminius was the prince of the Cherusci tribe of Germans. He lived in the northern part of modern day Germany.(P.107) Later, he would go on to serve in the roman army, in command of Roman auxiliary forces comprised of members from the surrounding tribes. He learned his tactic here while in his service for Rome. This would later grant him the upper hand, for he will know the Romans weaknesses and he will know how they fight. He most likely had a variety of motives for serving in the Roman military. Besides earning a substantial salary, he would have gained considerable status in Rome. During his years of service to the Roman Military he learned Latin and in recognition of is efforts to Rome, was award with Roman citizenship.(P. 108). This is a prize that is normally bestowed upon those leaders who give exceptional service to Rome. Also, he was granted status as an equestrian, which is quite a high rank in Roman society. Around the year of 9 A.D., Arminius left the Roman military and returned to his homeland. When he returned home at the age of 25, his experience with the Roman military had prepared him to lead. “Rome’s man in the Rhineland in A.D. 9 was Publius Quinctilius Varus.” (Wells,P.80) He had attained an excellent record of service as governor and general in various places within the Empire. In the year of 13 B.C. he served for consul with Claudius Nero. Varus was provided entry into the...
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