Battle of Nanjing Nanjing

Topics: World War II, Nanking Massacre, China Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: May 12, 2013
“Forgiveness is divine.” Something that has been passed around for ages, but is it really true? I believe that not everything done can be forgiven. For example, the Battle of Nanjing, a nightmare that came to life, is something that cannot be forgotten or forgiven. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people were brutally killed in that battle. Though many mistakes of the past should be kind-heartedly forgiven, there are some that created deep wounds that never completely heal. Those mistakes cannot be forgiven, even through time.

A hidden holocaust of World War II, Battle of Nanjing is indisputably one of the most savage battles in history. During WWII when the Japanese invaded China, Nanjing was once the capital of China. As invasion and battle came near, main officials left the city leaving behind a few hundred thousand soldiers and civilians to defend the town, to die. Not only was this a massacre, this battle was filled with mass rape and unheard of atrocities. The Japanese killed babies with their bayonets. Women from age 7 to 70 were raped time and time again. Many were buried alive, nailed to telephone poles, burned, castrated, and delimbed. The worst atrocities were done by the most sadistic soldiers: ripping fetuses out of pregnant women, forcing father to rape daughter, son to mother, and brother to sister. Most widely know are the 2 Japanese officers that challenged each other to a gruesome contest- to see who could kill the most people. When many decided to flee to the nearby river, the Japanese gunned them down. The Yangtze River ran red. More than 100,000 were killed in this battle, and many in Japan still refuse to believe this ever happened. Imagine seeing this massacre etched in your mind, would you ever forgive those who had committed those acts? It was not just an act of war, but a true display of savageness and horror.
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